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What our learners say

With a 17-year trading background, Ann has worked with 40+ different organisations, in both local workplaces and on nationwide contracts. A full list of customers is available on request.

From global players such as British Airways and Holiday Inn, through UK household names including Tesco, W H Smith and the Arcadia Group, to local and national private sector organisations in the brewing, catering, cleaning, education, engineering, electronics, financial, health care, hospitality, insurance, retail, security, and surveying sectors.

She has developed a range of learning, diversity, recruitment, employment and redundancy initiatives for public sector organisations, including education providers, and for 12 different Government agencies and Departments. This includes project managing multiple rolling-year contracts with the Depts for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Education and Skills (DFES), Work and Pensions (DWP), and the former Training and Enterprise Councils.

Ann also has a lifetime of paid and voluntary experience within the not-for profit sector, again both national organisations and local groups, and she has been coaching individuals to achieve personal and career success for over 20 years (whether fee-paying or otherwise!)

And the Simply Learning network brings with it a wealth of expertise and innovation which significantly enhances the above experience!

All our learning interventions are assessed, the level being dependent upon the length and complexity of the programme, and our customers’ requirements.

Below and elsewhere on the site, we highlight a selection of results from our thousands of treasured quotes, which give us happy memories of so many different satisfied learners. Words in italics are ours for clarification.

Train the Trainer / Customer Care / Modular Learning /

Personal Development / Brain Boosts

Train the Trainer. This was a 4-day extravaganza – a mix of academic and accelerated learning, to an interestingly-mixed group of nearly-new and experienced trainers.

"It was an exceptional course – the most useful one I’ve ever attended. It has helped with my confidence as well as my ability to train. Trainers were fantastic – very interesting – they really knew their stuff and were able to impart it to us!"

"Well designed course. A huge amount of information to take in but
 successful demonstration of accelerated learning meant we achieved it.
 Gallery and concert reviews very effective – definitely a memory enhancer."

"I am traditionally a more ‘sit and listen’ person but I have to admit the practical side was a good energy booster – it’s made me realise how too much sitting makes me feel lethargic."

"I like your tactics in getting us to do the work and getting us to interpret things,
by not giving out too much information." (early on)

"Following on from our course, we are continuing to have very positive feedback on our IT courses, and I know that is because they are now much more interactive … and fun!"

"Stella and Ann work fantastically together as a team. Top marks in all areas from me and I am conscious that as a relatively new trainer this has provided me with an insightful taster and I just want to learn more and more!
We covered immense ground over the 4 days.”

Customer Care is one of our most-requested programmes in both the private and public sectors. It is usually delivered in 1 or 2-day slots – here’s what learners have said:

“Fantastic different approach to customer care – most enjoyable and effective."

"I have already had ‘Mr Awkward’ on the phone and I felt confident in handling him."
One customer even said it was a pleasure doing business with me!

"I really appreciated the alternative suggestions in handling challenging situations, and giving negative news to the customer. I have found the SARA technique a good tool to remember."

"The learning has really made me think about new ways to provide customer service.
I found it very inspirational."

"Thank you both for a wonderful training course. It was very educational, as well as fun. I learned a lot about all aspects of customer care, together with body language, perception, and how the mind filters information before a physical reaction occurs – it was all eye-opening!"

"Congratulations to Helen and Ann on a great participative
course – and on the 50th course too!” ;
(final day of a nationwide delivery to 1000 staff at all levels within the organisation)

Modular Learning (from 2 hour sessions upwards) has proved to be a very effective way of learning for busy people - leaders, managers, graduate trainees, operational and field staff. Here are some thoughts:

“It was good to have 2 days with a break in-between, which allowed
consolidation / reflection."
(Assertiveness, Pressure, Time Management)

"I just wanted to let you know that I did finish the play, and have now had the first reading. I really wanted to thank you for our Brain Boost session; you spurred me on
to complete the play,  as you seemed to recognise that I did have a way with words!"
(Creativity for Performance)

"The programme gave us an important forum to discuss issues and share our experiences in an environment away from the organisation. The facilitator’s evaluation of our thoughts and the culture of the organisation was also very enlightening."
(12 action learning modules for aspiring leaders)

"As a result of putting points into practice from the 1st day,
 my attitude to work colleagues has become a positive one!"
(Influencing Skills)

"The whole programme was so useful, particularly the way the sessions interlinked and
 related back to each other."

"After 19 years of training courses, these bite size sessions
have been the most efficient and effective!”
(from one of our ‘groupies’ who has participated in every Brain Boost
we’ve run for the organisation.

The Management of Time, Stress, Relationships, the use of Influence and Persuasion and being a Convincing Communicator are all at the core of effective interpersonal skills.

How would your life be different if it were you saying the following?

“The course has helped me to deal with challenging situations, whilst taking the opinion of others into consideration."

"Assertiveness used to be a problem, but now I feel
 more confident and willing to assert myself, even with difficult colleagues."

"Helped me to face up to a number of current problems."

"The workshop has been very relevant to me. After suffering bullying at work for 3 years, I am now able to turn things round, and meet others on a level playing field."

Brilliant. Everyone I spoke to recommended this course,
and now I can fully recommend it too!."

It was jolly, fun, interesting, influential. I now see my colleagues in a different way and
 feel confident to tackle things, people, behaviours, emotions, more positively.
Better able to take care of my colleagues and customers, and work in a group more.”

We run many Brain Boosts™ annually, across the country. As part of assessment, learners are asked how they describe a session in just 3 words, which we collate as an A – Z each year.

Click here to read a typical year’s comments – with the caveat that we are not responsible for what our learners say!

And finally we – and learning generally – sometimes have sceptics. Happily, we love a challenge and sceptics tend to become our most ardent converts!

“Well done. Lots to take in and I think those who thought they knew it all – did not!"

"I am usually a negative / cynical person. This learning has shown me
 I can be positive and more able to listen to others’ views.

I was quite apprehensive on seeing the trainer’s approach but her style is more relaxing than any I have seen. Much of the content can also be applied outside of work also.

Normally I hate or dread courses but this one was different. Thank you.

I thought the course was going to be like play school when it first started. Although I am a visual person, I did not react well to the visual / nautical stimuli employed at first. However, the theme was much more stimulating and valuable than I had expected. Thank you very much!

Although it (the subject matter) could have been very boring,
 it was presented in such a way that the whole day was interesting.”