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Case studies and feedback

We delight in sharing our knowledge and experience with other learning facilitators who are keen to make a difference to how they or their organisations deliver learning.

The following examples reflect learner assessment of brain-friendly learning experiences of 3, 4, and 5 days’ duration. Our 3 and 4-day programmes include substantial experiential learning; 5-day programmes include both experiential and workplace learning.

All programmes have been researched, designed, developed, and delivered, in close partnership with MacKinlay Minds and Stellar Learning.

Telford and Wrekin Council – 3-day programme.

Please click here to read Training Journal’s in-depth case study of a bespoke 3-day programme for Telford and Wrekin Council’s experienced training team, and invited guests.

This programme was followed-up with a 1-day workshop for administrative and support staff.

The State Veterinary Service – 4-day programme.

This programme combined both academic and brain-friendly learning, and was delivered to a diverse group of nearly-new and experienced trainers.

Click here to read participants’ extensive feedback.

Natural Know-How™ – 5-day open programme.

The Natural Know-How™ programme, held in June 2006, was a great success, producing our first group of learners who now hold a UK-accredited qualification in brain-friendly learning. Our group comprised trainers, teachers, coaches, career managers, and managers, from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

We have already had excellent feedback about the difference the programme has immediately made to our participants, and also to their learners, and we will be formally assessing the results of this later in the year.

In the interim, please click here to read participants’ feedback from every part of this unique hands-on programme for experienced learning facilitators.

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