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Simply Learning 1-2-1

Have you reached a point in your life, career, or personal wellbeing, where you want to effect a change?

  • Maybe you’re clear on your personal or workplace goal, but can’t see how to get there?
  • You may be naturally resourceful, and would appreciate a foundation to channel your creativity along different lines?
  • Do you want help in identifying your strengths, to shape a new direction?
  • Are you stuck, and a listening ear will help you identify fresh perspectives?
  • Perhaps your abilities are not sufficiently rewarded, and you want to define your own path to progress?
  • Would you appreciate some practical tools to harmonise your work and personal life?

Whatever your motivation to explore a 1-2-1 option, and the above are just some of the many reasons people talk to us, our experienced coaches will inspire you to identify and develop appropriate strategies to transform your life, career, and personal wellbeing, and accelerate the results you want.

Whether you are self-funding or sponsored, we will work with you to deliver a 1-2-1 personal or career management package, which matches your needs, finances, and lifestyle.

All 1-2-1 coaches are licensed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioners, to the highest accredited levels, offering total confidentiality. NLP, put simply, is ‘the pursuit of excellence’, a concept originated by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and Robert Dilts. Many of our coaches have developed their mastery of NLP with these inspirational founders.

After an initial discussion, at no obligation to you, we will suggest a referral to a coach who is best suited to work with your outcomes.

Our suggestion may typically be for between 2 – 4 sessions, with mutually agreed contact in-between. Specific requirements, for example, pre-interview / meeting / presentation rehearsals, will usually need just one session.

Please Contact us for further information or to arrange an initial discussion.

confused roads and signs

“Thinking too much in a confused fashion is very draining. This has provided a map.”

“Some amazing lightbulb moments!”

“I thought that co-coaching was ‘wet nursing’ at first but it has given me a structure to really resolve some problems in the team.”

“It makes you stand back and be the third person and see your weaknesses. Gives you the confidence to address your issues.”